22 October 2009

Update & Haulage

Hi ppl!! yay!! =D

Long needed update!

First of all I would like to let you all know that I am growing my fringe out...  Its currently at tip of nose length and I am wondering whether to just let it all grow out.. Iv had some sort of fringe for the past couple of years now... 
I grew it all out about 2 years ago? but that didn't last very long before I went for the chop again... 0_0
Winter is also coming up and I am sick and tired of
-Hair flying in my face
-Dull damp weather making my fringe go frizzy
-Looking kind of greasy after a long day out (yuk, I know) 
-and errr... I just want a change ;p

Ok enough about hair..

Today I met up with one of my dearest friends, we did the whole girly thing which normally consists of lunch, shopping, dessert! YUM

Here I am just about to tuck into my Dessert at Haagen Dazs...

It was delish! If you follow my twitter I posted my lunch up too =)


Onto the haulage

Today I bought a long needed Cath Kidston bag to carry my macbook, books etc.. 
I normally love the rose print but on this size of a bag I preferred this print, not so obvious and kinda hippy? ^_^

I also got the matching pouch for my new camera... (which I will be decorating v.soon!)

My 1st ever MAC Back up! Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

I can't recommend this enough. I use this twice a week, always just before bedtime so that I can apply a moisturiser and let my skin rest. Its been sold out at most stores but in Selfridges today they had some! YAY! Its also still available online but I cant justify paying postage when I can buy it in a shop? If you understand what I mean =p

My friend also gave me this, which she bought me from her trip to Hong Kong.. aww so cute!

Inside the box were these dainty rose studs! ^_^

I did also buy other bits and pieces like magazines, notebooks etc. Nothing exciting thou =p

*BIG Thank you!*

Thank you to all who have been patient with me! I realised the other night that I reached 10K subbies on YT! I mean.. WOW! I really am speechless. Especially because I haven't made a new video for sooooo long and I feel like I am letting you all down yet you all keep supporting me..
No worries... I WILL update more frequently.

Hope you've all been having a great week =)




  1. hi Suzi
    beautiful new bags! have you lost some weight? i follow your twitter and saw ur amazing lunch and dessert! i wish i could eat like that and have a wonderful shopping day also.

  2. Suzi you're so cute! Your updates brighten up my day; seriously, i just had the worst day and you updating made me smile :) The earrings are soooo adorable :) ~

  3. ur bag is so cute that u even have a matching pouch..

    ya i heard that the mac stuff is sold out in most of the shop so stock up like quite a wise choice.

    ur fren is so sweet to get you this. its so pretty..

  4. Those rose studs look so nice!!! =D
    And wow, these Volcanic Ash range sold out in a lot of places! I'm getting the Thermal Mask soon =) About your hair, how long do you want the fringe to be? Maybe in times when it feels annoying, you can try pin it up? I did that when I was growing my fringe and when it felt annoying.. =) lovely update~

  5. u're back! love ur eye makeup:)

  6. HI suzi...miss your blog so so so much,and i am so happy seeing you back on blog,hope to see u in youtube...have a good week hun..oh i love love cath kidston bags,so nice for you guys to have them in UK..we dun have them here :( thanks for sharing with us our haul!!

  7. Hey suzi I so agree with you - hair flying in the face and looking greasy are my pet hates of winter, I miss summer already!!:( x

  8. Hi! You like nice as always :)
    How do you make your eyes so huge? :3

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I love the bag - you should post the pics of your notebooks & magazines - i'd find it interesting lol
    Im having a giveaway too if you're interested xxx

  11. blogger award!



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