6 October 2009

Style Black Haulage ^^

Ok so this is going to be a lazy post, Im about to go to sleep and will be having a few busy days, so I need to get my beauty/energy sleep and will let the pictures speak for itself =)

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator  (LOVE)
Eye Kohl Smoulder (Smudges like hell)
Young Punk
Gilt by Association

Natural Daylight
(l-r) Gilt by Association - Young Punk

Dry swatches

Wet Swatches

Night Night all, I am uber exhausted and tired =(  ... xxx


  1. I really want to buy some things from this collection. The eyeshadows look soo beautiful. Any idea why it isn't online yet?

  2. Oh jeez Gilt by Association looks incredible. I bet it would work on any skin tone.


  3. ooh amazing colours that could go with almost anything!! =)
    just wondering what you love about the Volcano Ash Exfoliator? It has a cool name! =)



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