24 October 2009

FAQs Answered!

A quick lil post to answer my top 10 faq's =)

1- What is your ethnicity?

This is probably my most asked question, some people claim Im japanese, Korean, American?! Mixed etc but i am infact 100% Chinese =)

2 - What is your hair colour?

This is one of those questions I find tricky to answer, simply because I dye my hair so much and each time is slightly different. At the moment it is light ash brown.

3- Have you had eye surgery? why are your eyes so big?

No I have not had any surgery at all, I was born like this. I have been told that I have huge eyes throughout my life. I will post some baby pictures up in one of my next posts.

4 - Do you wear circle lense?

I do occasionally wear circle lens but not on a daily basis, only on occasions like parties, bday meals and sometimes in my tutorials. 

5- You study Fashion, What is it like and what do you do?

I am on a Fashion Design course and it really does cover a lot... Some of the things I have done is..

Trend Forecasting (predicting trends in advance i.e 2012 etc)
Trend Research
Computer Aided Design (for illustrations, Technical Flats)

6 - Would you ever want to become a makeup artist?

Yes and No. 
Yes because obviously I love make up
No because I majored in Fashion and would not want to put it to waste. Im in my final year of a 4yr course and the thought of graduating then jumping into make up scares me lol

7- Can I have some of your make-up?

er nope, because I buy all my make up myself with my money. Im sure you wouldn't give me some of yours? 

8 - Do you have a job?

Nope, i am a full time student. I don't think I would be able to cope  with a job

9 - What is your haircut?

Choppy layers starting from chin length with a side sweeping fringe

10- Where do you buy your japanese make up brands?

Ichibankao or friends and relatives from Hong Kong




  1. Great post. Your eyes really are very lovely. Is Ichibankao an online website that anyone can order from?

  2. hehe.. woo hoo for chinese! =) aww.. missing ur vids hun.. hope everything is well and ur classes are done soon! =D

  3. I love ichibankao, but sometimes they're overpriced, haha. Its nice to know some things about you hun. Yay, for chinese! LOL. Hope you do great in your last year and wish you luck!

  4. that's really awesome!!!!. I wanna see some of your sketches =). I was even in fashion design program. It was so fun!!!!. I wanted to fashion design for my degree ever since high school but I didn't because my parents said that I wouldn't have stable job and it's really expensive to go to school for that. I kinda regret it that I didn't just go for what I really want. they wanted me to be a nurse and i thought I wanted to be one too.sigh, oh well....I might go back to school for fashion design. hahah sorri about my long comment. Love your style!!!! i have been reading your post and watching your videos.

  5. i thought you was Chinese & French lolz. i'm surprise you don't have a part-time job or something. makes me wonder how you earn money to buy make up & stuff!

  6. your eyes are awesome.
    and wow do people really ask for some of your make up =/

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  8. Your eyes are super pretty~

  9. Your eyes are so unique!♥

  10. Hey suzi!! I am 100%Japanese and my hubby is 100% Chinese!!haha!! I was so missing Japanese products here in U.S. here is your blog saying that I can get Jap products from Ichibankao!!! Awsome info;) Love your blog!!Seems like you love Hime deco so I think we will get along good cuz I love hime deco too!! I do my own as well so check my blog sometimes!! Thank you Beautiful;)

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