27 October 2009

Faker Alert...

I have been getting emails warning me about someone on fb using all my pictures..

Please don't believe this is me if she ever adds you on facebook...

I feel extremely flattered but at the same time annoyed? Feel free to take my pictures but please don't use them against me =(

Hope you all understand and I have already reported it

Sorry to my readers who have to listen to me ramble >_<

♥ you all



  1. how annoying!
    it's sad when people don't have the confidence to be true to themselves and to others

  2. =O omg!! i can't believe people do this things!! that's so wrong...

    thanks for letting us know!

  3. omg why would someone do that?! i'm so sorry girl! perhaps we should all start watermarking our pictures!

  4. Wow this person is really retarded. There's no financial gain or loss on either side I hope. I guess yeah, lets start thinking about watermarking our pictures.

  5. lol
    wow, what a stupid person!
    why is she doing it? do you know who it can be???

  6. oh no! How awful, i can only imagine how you feel!
    Hopefully now that youve reported it hopefully it will be resolved soon!
    Sorry to here that hunny!

    <3 xox

  7. Sorry to hear that someone is using your pictures without your permission. How awful that person can be. So glad to hear that you reported it and I hope that everything works out for you. I definitely agree that you should start watermarking your pictures dear. :(


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