6 October 2009

And so the experiment begins...

I have jumped on the bandwagon and joined in on the experiment....

Loreal Renewal Lash Serum. 

Iv always been longing for longer, thicker lashes and I will try anything to achieve it (apart from eyelash extensions, which in some way scare me).

Strolling along the makeup section at superdrug a couple of days ago (as you do) I noticed that this was on offer. They were having a £3 off offer so I snatched it at a bargain price of £7 something.. yay. 

I CANT WAIT to test this out and give you all a review.... 

Will my short stubby lashes become longer and thicker? we will have to wait and see...

Have you jumped on the bandwagon yet? x


  1. Ohh I seen this too! I really want to try it now >.< if it's £7 then I'm sold! Better than buying Talika £20 ¬¬ xxx

  2. wow i didn't even know l'oreal made a lash serum! I was planning to get DHC but luckily i didn't hehe. Im so getting one! x

  3. i have short straight lashes that aims downwards. a long time ago i bought one from CVS i think. Around $4. I used it all up. Didn't see any changes. (T_T.)

  4. ooh do update us eitherway!


  5. Ahhh I got it today, suprised they had it in stock actually!

  6. Can you do a review on it on your new channel? :)


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