29 September 2009

Wishlist 29/09...

Im sure we all make wishlists, whether its jotting them down on a notepad or simply memorizing them. I love the satisfaction I get when i finally get them and can cross things out! (don't we all)

So here is a few things I have been eyeing up...

Jill Stuart MakeUp

How pretty is the packaging? Im a sucker for packaging, Im not gonna lie I do buy things JUST for the packaging =)

Make Up Forever HD Foundation

I have yet to try this out! I know it did its rounds on YT a while back but I haven't been able to get my hands on it! The only shop I know that sells them in London do not stock my colour, oh how great... depressing =(

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

The famous 'miracle' water. Around £60 a pop but if it works Im sure its worth it.. right? 

Anna Sui Eyeshadows

Again I LOVE anna sui packaging. But this time its not only just the packaging thats captured my attention but the gorgeous range of colours... 101, 301 and 601 are the ones I will probably purchase =)

Do you write wishlists? and what is on yours? xx


  1. you are same as me, im buying a lot of things cause of the nice package like jill stuart xD hahah

    btw im don't make any wishlist i mean i dont write them on a paper or on my blog .. but i did once XD the biggest wishlist is in my head, so if i would write that down my internet would explode cause of heavy typing chrchr x3~

  2. i have a huge wishlist...
    i like to write things down lol

    it's nice to cross something off ^^
    but then there's still 3 more pages to go... heh.

  3. the jill stuart packaging is so gorgeous! i'm also eyeing a lot of jill stuart stuff, just coz of the packaging

  4. The Jill Stuart nail set was on mine too. I almost got it, but my friend in Hong Kong saw that in person, and she said it's really plastic. I wish it's real glass mirror. I can't wait to hear what you think of it. I love JS blushers though. I'm hoping to collect more of them.

  5. I love Jill Stuart's packaging. It looks so elegant and princessy. Anna Sui's are gorgeous too. I'm actually eyeing one of Jill Stuart's blushers. (^O^)

  6. The MUFE HD foundation is on my wishlist too. This post would make a great tag, as I'm sure we all have wishlists. :)

  7. i LOVE anna sui so much! The packaging is so gorgeous. i'm a sucker for cute packaging xox

  8. I just made a wishlist on my blog last week :) It's short and sweet haha. Mostly makeup though :X

  9. i absolutely keep a wishlist--on wishpot.com :) that way it updates me when prices have changed (always nice when they drop)..or i can share it with the hubby through email..hehehe

  10. Haha... wishlists! Mine are always never ending, since every time I finally cross something out, another thing adds up. (^__^)

  11. hey doll!

    i love your looks. you're simply amazing :) haha and i just saw your wishlist and had to comment!

    i heard great reviews on the skII essense. the magazine i work at had a hudge profile on it last month. ^^

    so i think it's worth the purchase.

    p.s. if you would like to swap for anything from korea give me a poke. xD

  12. js are my fave for packaging~ esp the blushes with the chain-attached brush. so cute^^
    the little mirrored box in that pic looks so nice~ so much i want too!^^ xx

  13. js is so pretty hehe i got sucked into buying some JS cuz of the cute packaging too

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