11 September 2009

Vibrating Mascara? Maybelline

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to a Maybelline bloggers event. It was yet again another successful event. First of all here is what I wore... A quick snap before I left the house =)

Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely teams and was told briefly what would be happening throughout the day etc... 

We then tucked into the cupcakes and sandwiches which were prepared.  YUM!

A presentation was prepared telling us all about the brand and the products but the main focus was on two new products that have just been launched..

**Pulse Perfection Mascara and Colour Sensational Lipsticks**

Pulse perfection is Maybellines new mascara that vibrates, this ensures a smooth clump free application. It is retailed at £14.99 which is pricey for a drugstore mascara but cheap in comparison with Lancomes Vibrating mascara. 

Colour Sensational is a new lipstick giving high quality pigmentation and a smooth application. It comes in 26 vibrant shades and are split into colour catergories for easy navigation. Pink, Reds, Plums and Browns. My personal favourite is the coral pop shade (no surprise =p)

2 Make up artists was on hand to give tips and makeovers which was fun.. =)

We then left with a generous goody bag, It contained many of Maybellines best selling products and of course the new mascara and a few lipsticks with a great colour choice. 

Thanks to the teams who did a fantastic job, everything was spot on =)

Have you tried any Maybelline products before? and what is your favourites? 




  1. i LOVE the dream mousse concealer, but hate the foundation! x

  2. great lash mascara! love it, and the shinylicious lipglosses as well

  3. I like the dream mousse foundation and the khol express eyeliner and the watershine gloss. I really need to try more maybelline products tho! i might try another of there foundation since im running out of my dream mousse.

  4. I only like the Colossal Mascara:)

  5. It looks like it really was a great event indeed!!

  6. Wow! Looks incredibly fun! I must agree with the generosity. :O

  7. Love your outfit! The ankle boots look so cool! <3

  8. You're so lucky! So many goodies! I really like the mineral concealer and the mousse blushes ( which I don't own quite frankly). I really loved their stylist mascara which had a comb applicator brush, but sadly it has been discontinued T_T. Love your outfit too! <3

  9. Ahh it looks amazing :) Wish I could have met up with you again! Let us know how you get on with the goodies! xXx

  10. the pink lipsticks look really pretty~~

  11. i LOVE your boots!! ;D
    hmm. i like the mineral concealer. its pretty good :]

  12. I like their mousse foundation (not the new one, but the one with the twist off jar), and their mascaras have always been a drugstore favorite of mine. Let us know what else you recommend!! How fun!

  13. woooooooow
    so many maybelline cosmetics.
    this is my favourite brand I think.
    I have this yellow mascara. And I have some lip glosses and foundations.
    i love them <3

  14. Wow! amazing goodie bag! I love maybelline mascaras, specially colossal mascara (the yellow one) plese tell us what you think of their new one when you try it.

  15. Ohh i knew i recognised you. You must think i'm so rude! I saw you on the tube and i kept looking at you and thinking 'i'm sure i follow her' but didn't wanna say anything in case you thought i was crazy and also that you wouldn't know who i was.lol. You looked lovely anyway and it was a great event

  16. i like maybelline's dream matte powders^^

    i picked up the vibrating mascara the other day. im so glad it came out here. its been out in US for a good few months.

    hope your having a good weekend xx

  17. i love your hair, did i ever tell you that?
    you got all that stuff for free!? lucky you, i wish i knew about some of these makeup events

  18. i really like your outfit, its so pretty

    so lucky to be at that event , great stuff u got

  19. i tried once make up from maybelline but i was not satisfied. i dont know the name anymore so for that i tried a lot of make up for my oily skin!

    anyways i have put you on my blog cause i love ur style a lot!


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