5 September 2009

Mini Haulage

So yesterday I went for dim sum with some friends, upon leaving I remembered about the 'nail shop' as my bf like to refer it to. I kindly asked him if he would take me as it was literally round the corner, he hates this shop with a passion simply because I spend ages in there whilst he sits and waits in his car but per usual, he agreed to take me aww...

The shop is basically a nail supplier shop and they sell every sort of salon nail brand such as OPI, China Glaze, Essie etc.... color ranges are huge and with over 100 china glaze shades, this really isn't a place for you if your in a rush! The bad part... you need a car to get here. 

So here is what I bought: OPI £5 / China Glaze £3.50 (per bottle)

(L-R) OPI Top Coat - Vintage crepe - Moms Chiffon - II

I have a funny feeling I already have II but this is what usually happens! I wont be able to check until I get home either grrr..

When I was in the car I got these pretty things out for a look (as you do) then I realized the guy had undercharged me! I started to do the maths, he charged me £11 for all 4?! I wasn't prepared to drive all the way back for his mistake so I guess these were even more of a bargain!

We then drove to Bluewater as I wanted to look at the Photo Realism Quad from MAC.... I must admit, looking at pictures and swatches, I was positive I was going to purchase this quad but once seen in the flesh, My mind changed. The colors were very similar to some I already own... except for 'grey range'. I wasn't prepared to pay just under £29 for one color.. Finding a similar color was my mission of the day... It didn't have to be EXACTLY the same but a dark smokey green would make me happy. This is where I came across these gems. I admit I haven't used Body Shop make up since I was about 16 but these shadows really caught my eye! Buy One Get One Half Price.. how could I walk away from that?!

43 - 42

Gorgeous gorgeous colours, super soft and pigmented. I have a feeling a new BS eye shadow collection will start =D 

Have you tried these? what do you think?



  1. oh my... the colors = LOVEEEEE

  2. FAB colors!!! and GREAT BUY on the polish!

  3. i want the nail polishes!!<3

  4. ;o
    that nail shop sounds niceee,
    i wish there was a shop round here that supplied loads of nice nail polishes ):

    do you know of any other UK shops that supply china glaze/opi/zoya etc etc, ?

  5. Can you give us(me :D) the address of the shop?I d like to get some china glaze when I come back!I dont even have any opis cause they sell them here for 13 pounds!!imagine that!
    Plus I wanted to tell you that you re the only blog with music i dont mind, cause it s so soft and relaxing!

  6. the colors are gorgeous but MAC does pretty much the same colours, but with more pigment so a tiiiiny bit darker and gives longer wear. MAC is probably more expensive though?

  7. Is "the nail shop" near Croydon, perhaps?? O.P.I. Top Coat is such a great polish!! :D xXx

    P.S. I've given you an award on my blog :)

  8. Wow, that's good value for China Glaze! Where is the nail shop??

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