12 September 2009

LOLA Love!

So today I posted the contest winner on my YT channel, Its rather late tbh =( I feel bad that I haven't been keeping up with everything. Im so grateful for each subscriber/follower I have and truly don't want to let you all down even thou things are getting more demanding.. 

Things are slowly getting on top of me and I feel like a big stress ball atm... My summer brief is taking time... I start my final year of university in 10 days. I have not done enough >_> 
On top of that the boifee adds to more stress.... My spirits have been so low for the past few days and its taking its toll, Im finding it hard to sleep and get worried sick thinking of everything.. Imagine that person who gets so nervous and worried, bursts into tears and starts vomiting, ugly sight I know but thats me! I worry about everything...

But on a happier note boifee decided to cheer me up with LOLA =) I am in LOVE with this fragrance. Not only because the bottle is super hot but it smells even better than daisy! =)

Ah sorry about my random ramble.... I hope you all have a great weekend, I will be back on top form v.soon! 


  1. aw i know how you feel, but just stay positive! else all that worrying is going to make yourself ill! >_< hope things get better for you soon :) x

  2. wow, the bottle is sooo beautiful.

  3. Ì hope you feel better soon, everything will be ok!!

  4. I love Lola, it's such a gorgeous scent & unlike Daisy for me, it stays on all day!
    Hope everything gets better hun, keep smiling gorgeous =)

  5. I absolutely love the bottle for Lola :) The lady at House of Fraser gave me a sample the other day, cos I was eyeing it up so much I think - haha!

    I do really like it, but I think for me, Daisy smells just that little bit more 'me' :)

  6. don't worry, i'm sure once you pass these stress days you'll be home free. just make sure you take some time out for you to relax =)

  7. i love Daisy! i really need to check this one out, the bottle is gorgeous!

  8. Dont worry too much hunnie!!!~ Try to get some rest and i'm sure you will get better xxx

    Much luv !!!~

  9. thank you for all your positive thoughts =) Im sure il be fineeeee vsoon!
    and yes I agree vic, daisy tends to wear off after a couple of hours but lola sticks on like glue, still smelling lola after a hard full day =) I love both but lola just beats daisy because of this =) x

  10. yeah, Lola has gorgeous bottle. I must check it, too!
    Hope everything'll be fine.
    Have a great weekend to U ! =)

  11. Aww don't worry Suzi, just think of it like this: You are going to have a final year of UNI in which you will come out with an outstanding qualification and you're going to have an amazing year! With Christmas and New Year round the corner =) x

    Remember to treat yourself once in a while, 'cause you absolutely deserve it :) x

  12. Aww, take it easy Suzi :) I know, I was just as stressed as you during my last year of school, but you know, it will go by so quickly, and now that I look back, I wish I had chilled out a bit and enjoyed the moments!!
    I'm sure you're gonna do really well <3 Don't worry. And shopping here and there does help ;) hehe

  13. I really want this just because of the pretty bottle hehe! But seeing how you've said it smells better than daisy I'm definitely going to have to invest lol!

    Love you blog girl :) xxx

  14. Hey - great post. Really enjoyed it - so interesting on a rainy day & with the sad news about Patrick Swayze too. Nobody puts Patrick in a corner ! Best wishes to you & thanks for such a beautiful blog....


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