27 September 2009

Haul Time

So first of all, I told you all how I wasn't feeling too well the other day...

Well it turns out to be SWINE! ='(
A week locked indoors! The timing couldn't be worse.. I have mountains of uni work to be doing bleh!

Here is my haul for the last week... 
These are the beauty bits. Iv also bought quite a lot of clothes/shoes etc and will probably show them in another post =)

For the past few months my skin has been awful. One day it would be dry and flaky and the next, breakouts! not good! I have been trying all sorts of brands, mixing and matching and I think this is where the problem lays.
I have previously used Clinique before, I had a skin consultation which the lady assigned me to 'type 3' this is for a more oilier type. After 2 weeks of use it dried out my skin and it would often feel tight. I took the products back and she swapped it for skin 'type 2' which is for more normal/combination. It did my skins wonders. I used this for about a year. Im not sure why I haven't just stuck to it?! Iv been using this for 4 days now and my skin has totally cleared up =D

Rohto Lycee eyedrops, One normal and one for contacts. Eyedrops is an essential in my make-up bag. I apply them before make up =)

I also got my 1st ever elf haul. elf has always had rave reviews but I always thought 'I don't need it' (I should think like this more often
Once the studio line was launched, reviews were everywhere and I decided that I do need some elf in my life. I ordered 3 brushes, 1 from the studio line and 2 from standard elf. A golden bronzer thrown in too so that I can proudly say I own some elf makeup =p

The quality of elf products have taken me by surprise, Not only are the products cheap and affordable, the quality is actually pretty amazing! I plan to use the bronzer as 4 diffrent colours instead of the big swirled one, I find that when the colours are combined together it becomes rather shimmery.  
Shimmer + My oily face = Big NONO 

Next up we have a mirror I have been eyeing up for too long... 
Whilst browsing the boots website last night I said aloud:
'omg, the mirror I want is half price.It was £50, its now only £25,  I need to buy it when Im feeling better and can actually be let out the house'
Not realising my bf was actually paying attention to my make-up talk (for once) he went out and bought me it! Totally surprised when he came home with it when he was supposedly going out to get me some food.

I tested it and Im worried about the 'artifcial lighting' Its rather yellow, not as bright as I thought. Have any of you got this and what do you think of it? The 5X magnified side made plucking my eyebrows a dream thou =)

My fave mascara =) Majolica Majorca Lash expander....

I also picked up a sleek storm pallette for my contest winner, they seem to be sold out everywhere! it took me a whole week to track one down and now I finally have it, Im not able to leave the house to send it! great.... 

Hope your all having a fab weekend =) 



  1. Fun to read your story, as always. (:
    You are such a lovely girl you know.
    But where can you buy the mascara & eyedrops? I've been wanting them for AGES!
    Luffffs & take care! Hope you get better soon!

  2. @ Yulan - Ichibankao Its great, they sell most japanese brands =)

  3. great haul! i used clinque's type 2 toner too and i loved it!! <3

  4. great great hauL! I used to use clinque too.. worked well for a while..Nice Elf Haul too :)

  5. That magnifying mirror is wonderful, sweet bf you have!
    Clinique skincare sounds so good....

  6. I LOVE your haul! <3
    I wanted to get the Rohto Lycee eyedrops too at Mihokoshop.

    Are they good? I have really really dry eyes and my contacts (I wear hard lenses) always dry them out even more, and I'll get red eyes after few hours of wearing. It would be great to hear from you, Suzi! Thank you! ;)

  7. thank you for commenting girlys. I got the eyedrops from ichibankao

    @jess - I havent tried the 'contacts' one yet but the normal one does sting for the first couple of seconds, I have to keep my eyes closed for a few seconds but this just makes me feel like they are getting on with their job lol but they certainly do moisturize and give whiter whites =)

  8. Take good care hun..nice haul..ELF products is super affordable and good :)

  9. Nice haul,i use Clinique mild facial soap everyday and swear by it- its amazing :)x

  10. Great haul! The clinique range sadly didn't work out for me >.< I think it was too harsh. But I'm glad it works out for you! <3

  11. awww I hope you get well ASAP :)
    It's the time for you to really take a rest though.
    I'm glad your skin cleared with Clinique, Clinique works for my skin too :D

  12. Great haul, hope you get better soon x

  13. wishing you quick recovery.. ive known a few people who had it. but it passed by quickly. hope it does so with you~

    i used to use clinique too.. but since their products are alcohol based it was too strong for my skin~~ xx

  14. hope you recover soon. your bf is really sweet.

  15. How great do those eydrops look!?!? AMAZING!! xox

  16. :o
    my best friend had the swine too, no visitors allowed for a fortnight !
    but you'll feel better soon ^^

    did you buy the Majolica Majorca mascara online ?

  17. awww..poor you, hope you get better soon!

    how do you like the lycee drops? they feel so strong for me! but maybe i'm not used to it so it's just sitting around my drawer hehe, but next time i'm gonna try using them before applying makeup...hope my eyes look brighter!

  18. hi suzi! i used to use this cleanser from the states and i loved it but it was soo expensive to ship to canada so i've been searching for a new cleanser.. i tried 2 different ones but they both broke me out soo badly! so on wednesday i was having a SUPER bad day so I decided to go out and get the clinque 3-step #3 and so far i lovee it! its completely cleared my skin up!

    i'm so sorry to hear that you're ill. i hope you get better soon and i'm glad that your bf is there for you! =)

  19. I hope u feel better soon...great haul though!!

  20. Suzi!! I hope you'll get better soon!! Online shopping sure helps when you're stuck at home though ;)

    I use those Lycee drops as well (the one for contacts) and it's seriously the best eye drop I've ever used. Beats everything here in Canada!!

    <3 Lina

  21. aww....I hope your fine...get well soon....

  22. hope U get better very soon !
    and i heart your haul =)

  23. Fantastic purchases!! Hope you feel better soon :) xx

  24. I just got over the flu this past week and it was pure misery. Make sure you drink lots of fluids and just rest rest rest. ( not that you can do much of anything) Get better soon!! Your site is great!! love from the US!

  25. I was reading back through some of your posts and laughed to discover my bright coral cardi featuring in one of your maybelline ones!!

    Hope you feel better soon - what a lovely boyfriend you have!


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