18 September 2009

Face of the night...

Last night was a night out in my hometown... 

If you follow me on twitter then you would already know that I initially planned to film this look as a tutorial but lighting was just too poor!! >_< 

I have green on the inner corners but the flash has just totally wiped that out... just so that u all know hehe ^^


RMK Make up base
MAC studio finish concealer
GOSH undereye concealer
Revlon foundation
Laura Mercier secret brightening powder
MAC loose blot powder
MAC scuplt powder
MAC PinkSwoon blush


MAC blackground paintpot
MAC black tied
MAC crystal avanalche
MAC vanilla
Body Shop e/s in 43 (green)
MAC blacktrack fluidline
UD liner 
Maybelline pulse perfection mascara
NYC falsies
DUO lash glue


Vaseline (base)
YSL Rouge Volupte no7
Maybelline watershine baby pink


Scrunched whilst blow drying, then loose waves in sections using GHDs

Clubbing looks are my ultimate fave look, It lets you experiment things you may never wear during the day. What are your fave looks? 



  1. love the look. you look so cute.

    i too love my clubbing looks! agreed that it's a better time to experiment with makeup.

  2. that looks gorgeous on you!! i like the natural look...i'm too scared to experiment with darker looks. yes i'm chicken. hehehehe have a good day!

  3. Love this look! You look so pretty! <3

  4. You look good! May I know what is your hair color? And how you maintain you hair? Nice and smooth! =D

  5. your face looks flawless! can you do an updated skin care routine video? ^^

  6. love your photo..and your hair looks great, I love the color of your hair! :D

  7. oh its really pretty!
    How does your face look so flawless??? you must tell me the secret!
    and i really like your haircolour! it suits you! i would love to try something like that, but my eyebrow is really black so maybe it would look weird :S

  8. I love all of your dark smokey looks. and you ROCK pale lips.

  9. you carry dark looks so well! i could never wear that =P

  10. you're skin always looks so flawless, gorgeous look. Where is your hometown your accent seems from Leeds or there abouts?

  11. i love the look! For clubbing I also like smokey eyes & nude lips

  12. waah, fantastic look !
    love this <3

  13. flawless makeup as always! n_n

  14. I totally love watching your YT videos. It's because of you, I signed up on blogspot to follow you and others. It's always great to see how products work for others. Let me know how the YSL #14 works for you. I've been dying to see a swatch (that's if you got it). Thanks hun!


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