8 September 2009

1st Blog Award =) 10 Random Facts

Thanks to the amazing Ling, she tagged me with this award. To be able to receive this award I must tell you all 10 random facts about me =)

So lets begin....... =D

1. My real name is Suzanne... Suzanne is on my birth certificate, passport, etc. Suzi is a name I was called by my foster parents from the age of 1-5. Ever since then everyone calls me Suzi, even my own parents. 

2. Before I took the Fashion Design route, I was studying Travel and Tourism. I wanted to be an air hostess. I gave up because... I can't swim!

3. I still get uber nervous making YT videos even thou Iv been doing them for 4-5 months?!

4. I LOVE white gadgets... macbook... iphone... white DS lite.....

5. I have OCD when it comes to bathrooms, it has to be spotless =/

6. LOVE hearts and bows on Jewellery

7. I don't like cheesecake... 

8. Cooking programmes are my favourite choice of tv! =p (geek I kno)

9. I never Judge, everyone is entitled to do/say anything they want as long as its not illegal of course =p I am a very open minded person..

10. I love hamsters, Iv had 4 before but they've all died of old age =( I wish they lived longer.

So hopefully you all got to know a lil bit more about me =D

Thanks to Ling for tagging me! ♥♥♥


  1. I love hamsters too! Great Post :) xx

  2. Great post :)
    What do you do in fashion?

    Nic x

  3. cheesecake = fat-ning! lol
    i love cooking shoes too!
    so glad to have read your random facts!

    It's great to get to know you better through this tag!

  5. white gadgets are awesome!~
    hi5 to OCD!!
    Great to know a little bit more about you ^^.

  6. lol I love cooking shows too!
    I can't cook, but I just love to watch them, and I have a weird thing for white electronics too, they just look cuter.

  7. congrats suzi on this award!!!

    u do have an awesome blog, u totally deserve it

    haha i really like food channel too...and hamster r soo cute

  8. now i know more about you :) and you are so pretty that u can get into being a air stewardess easily..award or no awrd u are my number 1 blogger!!yeh!

  9. I dislike cheesecake too, haha. I have an award foryou as well Suzi. Keep up the amazing work!

  10. long time reader first time commenter, and I LOVE CHEESE CAKE feel free to give any of your unwanted cheesecake to me...and your vids are great no need to be shy! ^_~


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