5 August 2009

The Scary Red Lips

I admit, I was TERRIFIED of Red Lips... 

I tested, tried and loved it

Key points of Red Lips:

1. Prep
Dry Flaky lips do not make a good companion for Red Lips. Prepping is a must and I gently give them a scrub with a warm damp towel before I do anything. This will gently de-scruff any dry flaky patches.

2. Conceal
I like to do this part to eliminate my natural lip colour ensuring that the colour is true afterwards. This step is not compulsory but I like it. I have dark purple toned lips =(

3. LipLiner
I use the LipLiner to outline my lip to desired shape and then fill in the whole lip with the pencil. This will act as a base and give you a longer lasting finish. Think of it as a stain =)

It is important to fins the right shade of red for your skintone.. Its took me a hell of a long time to find a shade of red that complimented my skintone without ageing me. I tend to go for more bright jucier reds rather than the matte darker tones.

4. Gloss
Gloss is not compulsory, It gives more of a dramatic 'done' finish, but if you want thicker more juicier looking lips then I simply apply the gloss in the centre of my upper and lower lip. This will give the illusion of a fuller lip.

Click here for the video tutorial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQmh-pffjwQ


  1. Red lips look great on you! I wonder, if I could ever pull off red lips that prettily, hehe... :)

  2. You should deff try MAC Red, my all time fave lippie! :)

  3. That red looks amazing on you! Which one did you use? I like it your red lip look a lot :D

  4. That looks gorgeous! Red really suits you - i need to try it out, but i admit i am too chicken.

  5. I must say, red looks great on your lips!! That particular shade is amazingly beautiful!

  6. you look really pretty with red lips

  7. red lips looks good on you~ i've never been brave enough to sport bright red lips.. but i might try it out.. mm.. lol.. maybe.. ❤

  8. i'm still terrified of lip reds...
    it make me bloody..wayy too appealing

    wish one day i can pull off that look lol
    as for you, you looked fab & devilish

  9. the scary red. you look BEAUTIFUL hun! you can totally rock it

  10. U look so beautiful with red lips^^

  11. The lip color looks sophisticated and pretty on you! Thank you for the red lips lesson :)

  12. omg the color looks amazing on you! your lips look really defined too, nice!

  13. You look gorgeous, red lips really suit you.. although you would probably look amazing no matter what you wore on your face/lips!! x

  14. hey! you look really good
    nice photo
    it suits u!

  15. The red lips look really suits you . love your blog btw x

  16. wah gorgeous red lips ! i was a bit scared of red lips too, but now with your tips it really helps :D thanks !

  17. thanks for all the lovely comments *blushes*
    Im sure its just about picking the right shade and experimenting with colour. be brave! its perfect colour that i like to put on when im having a crap day or feeling abit down =)

    love u all xxx

  18. You have no reason to be terrified of red lips, they look HOT on you!


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