19 August 2009

My New Baby, Phone for sale

Last week I got my new baby, A iphone 3GS =)

So that means I need to get rid of my old phone, LG Prada II.

I have had quite alot of questions regarding this LG phone so I thought I would let u guys know 1st that I am selling it. If you are interested then drop me a comment, if not I will be selling this on ebay tomorrow night. It is in great condition! £160, 1st class insured delivery included =)



  1. I have serious phone envy lol.

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  3. ooooooooooooooooo phone envy here too..although im a bb girl!!

  4. Hello, how much is that Canadian? Also, how is the iphone 3 g s? im thinking about getting it too. debating over that and the sharp sh03a :S

  5. wah~ luv your phone

    and your old phones r sooo pretty, wow prada :]

  6. oo.
    the prada II!
    that's one sexy phone right there. ;D

  7. my daughter left her saliva on my phone this morning and messed it up. =( how much would this phone be if paid USD? let me know if you havent sold it.

  8. i got my babi 11 days ago!!! 3gs babyyyyyyyyyy!!:P

    they the sickest phones ever!!! except be careful with the white one! the back tends to slit open easily. 2 of my mates have a great big crack down the middle!! so get a cover for it hunni!


  9. heeeeyy!
    just wondering if you've sold your LG Prada phone yet? because i'm interested in it?

  10. hey :)

    have you sold of the phone? i'm interested to buy it

  11. I've been wanting this phone for a while, but didn't know if I should buy it or not...
    has someone already bought this one?


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