6 August 2009

Haulage ^^

Today I met up with some of my fave girlies and I did abit of haulage! Im suppose to be saving for the Body Shop Event so that I can go for a lil shop with some lovelies but eek... 

Long Vest top with gorgeous origami detail, loving the colour

Coral waist skirt which looks so flattering when its on =)

Dior Skinflash because I ran out.. I have an excuse here! ^^

Dior High Shine lippy in 554, the picture do this no justice, It looks kinda red here. Its a nice pinky tone, perfect, I will do a more detailed review on it because I love it so much! =)

I also picked up 'natural flare' 

2 pairs of falsies

Mango Lip Butter, mmm its gorgeous, I would eat this if it was edible!

New york Color Minute in Penn station =)

Thats it for now, no haulage I hope until the BS Event, I am off to see 'Walking with Dinosaurs' tomorrow at the 02 Arena, I am a geek ^_^ so hopefully I will post some piccys up tomo night! OOTD, FOTD and all! =)

Luv ya'll!!! 



  1. Seriously great haul! I LOOOOVE the mango lip butter.. i tried eating it (no comment.. i was a bit drunk) and it tasted horrid.. but it smells divine! :) hehe xox

  2. hehe. loved all your items! can't wait to see your FOTD! :)

  3. The coral waist skirt looks so comfy!

  4. Wow, sweet haul! Thanks for sharing with us :) Could you show us how you wear the Natural Flare quad shadow some time?

  5. awesome haul!! love the lashes!!

  6. Adore the haul! The skirt is so cute, I love the zippers :D

  7. nice haul!
    how's the dior skinflash? i've been thinking about getting it :)

  8. that coral skirt is amazingly cute!!

  9. Love haul
    the top is so cute.

  10. you are soo cute. great haul too. i really like those nyx falsies. theyre pretty good for the cheap price.

  11. those r some hot pink lips!


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