1 August 2009

Cleansing oil demo

REVIEW & DEMO.. MAC Cleansing oil

RRP £15 - available at all MAC counters

I purchased this the other day and I must say I am pretty impressed with it. I have tried other cleansing oils in the past but never re-purchased. I have oily/combination skin and for a long time I was convinced that a cleansing 'oil' would only make my skin even more greasier. This is not the case I can confirm. So all you people who are scared like I was, dont be =) 

Cleansing oils do a remarkable job at removing make-up, it is quick and easy and removes the most stubborn 'I wont budge' make-up. I like and I do recommend that everyone should try a cleansing oil.

I admit once the oil starts to emulsify and you have dissolved make up all over your face it is so not a pretty sight, but once its rinsed off you will see it leaves no trace of make up behind =)

Stubborn MAC concealer

A squirt of the oil

Massage it in for a few mins, you will slowly see that it is dissolving the make up

Add a touch of water and the oil will then emulsify

Rinse off, and TADA! nice smooth clean skin (ignore my flaky dry hands=p)

After this step I then use a cleansing foam wash to ensure my skin is squeaky clean and free of make-up.

 Alot of people confuse make-up removal with actually cleansing the skin. To be able to give the skin a good cleanse you must first remove make-up. i.e 2 steps there. Using a make up wipe or a cleansing lotion to remove make-up is not actually cleansing the skin, this is just simply taking the make up off =)

A few other cleansing oils I reccommend and is worth a mention =)
Shu Uemura high performance balancing cleansing oil

SK-II cleansing oil

RMK Cleansing Oil

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

♥ from suzi x



  1. I love my Shu Uemura oil so much! I have been wanting to try the MAC version for ages because it's made from natural oil not mineral oil to compare the two but I promised myself I would use up the Shu one first before I purchased!

  2. I love the DHC one. I was also pretty skeptical about cleansing oils at first, but when i decided to try it I was really impressed

  3. It seems great stuff! I would def try it! Any problems with break outs?

  4. @emma - Yeh i love cleansing oil, the best way to remove make-up =)

    @Manju - Yeh DHC slightly dried out my skin but nothing majorly. Cleansing oilsa are i agree, impressive =D

    @Catanya - nope, Iv been using this for a week? no problems so far =)

  5. For Shu uemura brand, I prefer the green color one over the yellow one. The yellow one has a strong herbal smell.
    I got the MAC cleansing oil from CCO but haven't tried it yet.

  6. thanks so much for the recommendation, suzi =)

  7. I'm unsure about these :/ simply because I can't believe people pay £15 for a branded cleansing oil when other household oils work just as well, if not better. Olive oil is great for taking make-up off and is 100% natural - I used to use it but I hate the smell so have switched to pure coconut oil which cost 99p from my local chemist. I love my make-up and brands, but I think these oils are a rip-off. I do love your blog though and actually glad you did a post about these! x

  8. I've been using the DHC one for a long time and am getting bored with it. lol. I might try MAC next. Does it have any scent to the product? Thanks for the review Suzi!

  9. ooh the mac one looks good :)
    but i break out pretty easily cos i have combination skin. will this make it worse?

  10. Great review! this is by far my favorite cleansing oil and I've tried loads including Shu Uemura and RMK. It gets everything out including the hyper waterproof majolica majorca mascara :D

  11. I love your new youtube tutorial! Its such a different look for you but its absolutely gorgeous!! You have such pretty features =) I like your eye makeup a lot too. Its a lot lighter than your usual. I don't have a yt account but I still wanted to comment so I wrote here... hope its okay! Oh also, your haircut looks really good!


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