13 July 2009

SWAP Package

My postman delivered this to me this morning, Its my swap I did with Mel (LeBelleMel31)

OMG this girl spoiled me so much! I am so grateful of everything she sent me and I absolutely LOVE everything she picked for me, All the colours are gorgeous! 

To break it down in piccys =)

Have u seen how much she sent me?! Holy Shiznet =p

Essence of beauty brushes which I will be using ALOT, they are perfect for travelling which i do alot and they are also so soft! I think double ended brushes are a great idea and way to save space =)

I have a feeling this is honey soap that Iv not seen in the uk =)

L-R Bronze, Ballerina Pink, Strawberry, Whipped, Doll Pink

I love these glosses, the pigmentation is awesome

How cute is this mini bronzer! ^_^

blushes in Peach and Copper (SO Pigmented!)

Sephora eye duo and nyx single

She also sent me a mini Bare Minerals, I think she can secretly read my mind, Iv been wanting to try bare minerals for some time but haven't got round to trying it yet so I cant wait to try this!

She also threw in lots of other bits and bobs and sweets that Im munching on now! YUMMY! Thanks so much for doing this swap Mel, Your a true star!  ♥


  1. haha.. glad u liked them hun!! girl.. i must be a mind-reader for real! haha. i didn't know u guys have LUSH there but glad i sent the one you don't have!! can't wait for yours!! =)

  2. Why are swaps so much fun to see? Mel is so sweet. The NYX lipglosses she picked for you are really cute.

  3. OMIGOD!
    This is amazing i love it!
    I am jelous hehehe xD

  4. wow..lucky u, the honey soap is cool...all the things are lovely :] i wish i can do swaps w/ people ...Suzi i really like your blog

  5. HI Suzi, I've bought and tried Bare Minerals. Did a post on the kit too check out http://thefaccouture.blogspot.com/2009/06/bareminerals-by-bare-escentuals.html

    Haven't done a proper review yet cos I'm still using... for a month already though

  6. OMG! thats fabulous! ooooh... i wish i can get that much stuff too. lucky you! stay pretty hun :)

  7. How nice are the NYX glosses? I juz got mine in the mail too and I luv them!

  8. wow, thats an amazing swap package. NYX stuff looks great!

  9. Can I swap cosmetics with you all too? I have tons of cosmetics that I bought and never used. Blame my shopaholic spending!

    I will love to swap. Email me at maehtan@gmail.com ?

    I am your fan too!!!


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