18 July 2009

Review: Loreal Studio Secrets HD Smoothing Foundation

A few days ago I picked up this foundation just out of curiosity. Not being able to get hold of the MUFE HD Foundation in my shade I settled for this in my local Superdrug. The studio secrets range is pretty impressive visually and its packaging is somewhat a rip off the Make Up Forever packaging. 

They have a whole load of primers and make up which looked lovely and pigmented but I had my doubts about it.. I thought I would give the foundation a try first although the Lip Laquers look to die for! I will def be going back for them! 

RRP £15.99

So I got this one in Gold Porcelain 013, This was the more lighter yellow toned shade, I am usually a MAC NC20-25

Comes with a foundation brush =/

First Impressions: I like the packaging, Formulation looks light and is smooth to work with. Not too keen on the gimmick brush. Its not the best foundation brush Iv come across and there is wastage as alot of the foundation gets trapped in the brush (foundation comes out of the middle of it)

Coverage: I would say its medium coverage but very buildable without looking cakey. It didn't seem to fully cover my scars so a seperate concealer was needed. I also had to use quite abit of the product to cover my entire face flawlessly.

Lasting Power: I used this yesterday and I was travelling from Yorkshire to London on a long train journey. After about an hour my face got slightly greasy where it had to be blotted. It also oxidized and became more pink toned. On arrival at London station 4 hours later I realised blemishes around my nose and chin were on show. Some of the foundation had 'slipped' off.

Pros: Lightweight, Nice finish on application

Cons: Cant see how much you have left, The brush - too much wastage, Lack of colour choice

Verdict: This overall is not a bad foundation, Iv tried much worse but I can't see the diffrence the 'HD' makes. I will finish this foundation but lets just say, I won't be rushing out to repurchase


  1. I can't wait for this range to come to australia! Thanks for the great review:)

  2. oh cool! most of the makeup lines are putting HD on their makeup hahaha

  3. I never understood those 'built in brushes' companies, like YSL, make. I think its so unsanitary :S
    Thanks for the review !! :-)

  4. This review has actually helped me to decide whether to buy it or not ^^. I think I'll give it a miss this time as Im sure I can get something a little better for that price. By the way, which foundation would you highly recommend which can give a medium to high coverage for oily/combo skin? (looking to change from current foundation) Im also a Mac NC20-25. Thanks for the review =]

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