4 July 2009

New Love : Nude Nails

I must admit I was a Nude nail virgin before this purchase but holy Im now addicted. This shade of nude is perfect, not invisible but not too harsh. It gives a nice sophisticated finish and makes talons look nice and tidy. Extends the appearance of fingers and goes with any outfit... 

Whats not to love?! My love for nude nails is in full swing..

Rimmel  Lycra Pro in Beige style, topped with China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat

The Rimmel polish also comes with the most convenient brush ever, It is wide and flat making it fast and easy to apply. It is pictured next to a china glaze brush.. 

Whats your favourite nude polish?


  1. my fave nude polish us
    Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shine, in beige glamour 27
    its a nice natural coloring.
    and are pretty cheap for there quality at £5.37 or 2 for £8 at boots! bargain! =)

  2. wow ur nails are so cute, only if could do that my nails are soo bad :(

  3. this is a really cute nail color; and your right, the brush looks REALLY good :]

    dont you wish all nail brushes were like that ?! hehe

  4. I have never looked at nail polishes' brushes....very interesting! Gotta pay closer attention!

  5. ooh that colour is very very nice :) i might get that the next time im out which is .... soon. hehe

  6. Hi suzi..
    This is your new found love? Didn't know that Rimmel nail polish brush is so wide...this looks good on you..
    My fav currently is OPI in "Thats hot!Pink(nb68),gonna get OPI in purple soon..

  7. I never tried nude nails before! Thought it might look like dead hands ahaha but this looks great! Thanks for sharing:)

  8. I love nude colors on my nails, its great for all occasions :) My favorite is Tickle My France-y from OPI.

  9. I have had that nail varnish for a while and I love it. It makes me feel really polished without being too overdone.xx

  10. ooo i looove that beige nailpolish!

  11. hey i love rimmel nail polishes, cept they should come out with more colours.

    my faves: Rimmel's Lycra Wear in Milk Chocolate and Loreal's (another fave nail polish brand) Sand Castle, 510


  12. Love that nude color on you! <3

  13. Wow the brush looks like it's really easy to work with!♥

  14. Hey girlys, thanks for sharing your faves. I must go check them out v.soon hehe ^^ and yes the brush is a dream to work with! I can cover my whole nails in just one or two strokes, not the usual 3/4. Other companys should take note! =p


  15. i'm in love with nude nail polishes too ! OPI in "bare" has a nice shade of beige nude to it. i really like their nude purple and blue shades as well. and OPI's nail polishes last long too (;

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  17. This nude shade is really nice! I don't like nudes that much - I prefer lively colours but I'd like to try this one ;-) Could you please tell me the entire name of the colour? What I can found in our shops, they have only "Bare necessities" (nr. 267), and "Barely there" (don't know the number), nothing more.
    The brush is absolutely perfect, I've never used any better. OPI uses it as well. But it should be used in every nail polish brand! :)


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