18 July 2009

July Update

First of all I want to say Hi to all my new followers! Hiiiiiiiii =D and thank you so much for following =)

Secondly, Im back in London! I move into my new place next weekend so expect more frequent  blogging and videos! =)

Thirdly, I am having a BLOG SALE within the next few hours. I have come to realise I have too much make-up thats left unloved, so Im sending it to a better home. 

Last but not least, Its my Birthday next week!! I turn two three, Im in the process of picking my presents but I can tell you that there will be NO make-up haha =p

from Suzi



  1. Cool :)
    I've never tried blog sales.
    How to do it?

  2. YAY! can't wait to see what you have =)

  3. yay more blogs ~ :-)
    hope you have an awesome birthday ^___^

  4. Happy birthday! Can't wait to see your presents! :)

  5. How come no makeup for birthday? lol... Please do post what you get :-)


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