11 July 2009

Benefit Goodies

So Lucy (Lucymarie85) sent me a package a while ago which, there were some bits and pieces I asked for but unfortunately it got lost in the post >_<>
She has left Benefit now but she did manage to send me another package with a few goodies for me try out, bless her. I feel so bad about the lost package already, I owe her =) I Love Lucy, Not only has she a heart of gold but she also makes great vids so go check her out people. I insist =)

Here is what she picked out for me:

Georgia Blusher
Bad Gal Eyeliner
Foundation Brush
Smoking Eyes
Cream shadow/liner in RSVP
Revlon Nails

This is one of the newest products : Smokin Eyes

How cute is that??!! It has everything to create a smokin eye of course =)

Thank you so much Lucy! 

p.s I can't wait for the 31st =)



  1. aw how generous - all those items lok great xx

  2. Oh, it's Benefit!
    I'd love to see a smokey eyes look with your cute Benefit palette! ;)

  3. that's so nice of lucy! hope you do a look with the palette =D

  4. oooo tell us how the georgia peach blush works out for you!

  5. I almost picked up some Benefit today at Sephora but I was already loaded down with Nars so I had to pass it up...next time for sure!! :)

  6. I love Benefit products! Please do something with the smokin eyes and share with all of us:) You are one lucky girl!

  7. CooL....^.^
    Love the one for smokey eye^.^


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