22 June 2009

Swap Package

This morning I was woken up by the doorbell, it was my package from Cathy! YAY
I am superrrrrr excited and LOVE everything she got me, she is such a sweety!

I asked for some Japanese brands and anything that she recommended, so heres what i got:

Kanebo KATE Palette
Kanebo Lavshuca Duo e/s
Majolica Majorca Pallete
Majolica Majorca Mirror
Canmake Blush
Canmake Lip concealer
Hair stopper

LOVE LOVE LOVE.. Packaging is nice, all are super pigmented and super smooth! =)

Thanks Cathy for doing this swap with me!!! It sucks how it is hard to get hold of these things in the UK, it makes me miss Hong Kong so much! Heart you! <3



  1. they are lovely :) great swap :P

  2. oooh nice jap drugstore makeup!

  3. oh, nice swap and MM mirror is so adorable, feel like princess again. haha!

  4. awesome goodies! I really want to try the Kate and MM eyeshadows, but hard to find it here as well. How do you find people to swap with?

  5. Oh, what a wonderful swap package you got! I love all 3 eyeshadow palettes! <3

  6. Oh I love the earrings!~ i did not see them on the US site. The mirror is also adorable

  7. nice swap...*gasp* that's a MM mirror!?!

  8. Awesome items! I've never tried any Japanese makeup!

  9. heyy suzi! i somehow stumbled across this blog and I have to tell you, I heart this blog :)
    question though, is this falsies good? I saw them around in my city too in quite a low price but i aint sure.


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