15 June 2009

SWAP Package and mini haul

So i did my 1st ever swap with Summer from Singapore. She is a really really sweet person and always leaves me the nicest comments, we chatted on Facebook and decided to do a swap yay!  I got this parcel this morning and it truly made my day, Iv always wanted to try out the Kanebo kate eyeshadows  and she got me two of the pallettes which i LOVE! thanks girly! She also threw in some really cute stuff, A face mask which she recommended and a mini bb cream which I am excited to try! two hairclips that she made herself, girl u are talented! and It also came with a sweet note =) 

The two 'KATE' shadows she sent me, I cant wait to do some looks with these, I love these colours! =) <3

Mini Haul

Whilst visiting the bank today I couldn't help but have a sneak in superdrug, I didn't intend to buy anything but just to have a look and see whats new.. then I came across these cute NYC eyeshadows! They were on offer, 3 for 2 so I thought ah what the hell lol. I also picked up the colour wheel as the free product, its a lovely peachy shade and is super smooth =)



  1. suzi u are so sweet by posting it up..*making me blush from toe to face* glad u like it!

  2. awww love the package,& all the goodies in there! those eyeshadows look lovelyyy..

  3. Hehe can yu do a review on the bb cream too?
    i have the nyc colour wheel too and its not really long-lasting =[ tho the colour is really pretty

  4. I have the exact same NYC eyeshadow palettes! They are super cute and good for an everyday look. The Kanebo palettes look really pretty, looking forward to see you do a video using them :)

  5. oh nice package!:) nice palettes too,do some looks with them soon!:)

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  7. Hope you like the rose ring too. :)

  8. She made you things? So sweet ^_^. Great swap :).


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