22 June 2009

Such a failure >_<

I am such a failure, I went shopping today intending to JUST pick up goodies for my swap, I got lots of goodies for my swap and I also came home with these little items for myself, my spending diet isn't going too well atm!.. gahhh.. >_<

I wanted some flat shoes for days where I have to walk for miles so I picked up these from Topshop.. I opted for these rather then pumps. I thought these were a bit more quirky and stylish and they look so nice when there on. Im not sure if there real leather but they sure are soft!

A beaded necklace from Miss Selfridge and whilst in Urban outfitters i picked up some cute earrings and this 'POP' pallette! I saw it on the ASOS website for £12 but today I came across it for £4.99 in the Urban/O Sale... =D Such a happy lady today =p

The colours are so pretty and the packaging is so cute! There all super smooth but don't expect super pigmentation though they are good, just not comparable to the likes of MAC e/s...
The colours remind me or candy and sherbet =)


  1. The earrings are super cute!♥

  2. I really like those earrings, and the pallete has such nice colors!

  3. haha.. yeh i hate it when i end up getting myself something when I'm meant to be shopping for someone else.

    those shoes are really cute^^ xox

    - http://rose-tint.blogspot.com/

  4. those are some really different looking shoes! i don't think i have ever seen something like that. thumbs up to you for choosing them.

  5. the shoes are cool! trust you to go for something different and quirky! ^_^
    and the eyeshadows looks super cutee!

  6. AWW.i love the eyeshadow!! Nice colors!!

  7. Love the shoes :D
    Too bad they don't have Topshop down here in Australia.

  8. haha there goes spending diet!
    not easy at all XD
    very quirky weaved shoes..goodbuy!

  9. hehe thank girls, I always fail when it comes down to shopping =(
    yeh I was gettin bored of my regular pumps and thought these were abit more stylish =)

  10. Those shoes are amazing! I want!

  11. omgosh those shoes are so unique!
    Suzi, you have such a good sense of fashion!

  12. the shade are so pastel looking, are they shimmery? mayb you wana do a swatch on that palette soon since its still summer...


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