2 June 2009

Review : Garnier Fresh 24hr Hydrating Cream

Now if you don't know already I am a big big fan of skincare, maybe more so than make-up. I really do believe great make-up starts with great skin, so I try to take care of my skin as much as I can.
Garnier Fresh 24hr Hydrating Cream 

After reading a great review about this product I was walking through my local Tescos when I spotted it so I thought I would give it a try, It was only £3.88 which is extremely impressive! Now I tried to find this in Boots but it was no where to be seen, I couldn't even find the 'fresh' range, so Im not sure why. 

It claims to be 'fresh, non-greasy 24hr hydration' and is perfect for normal/combination skins.

It contains pure fruit waters, vitamin E and a UV filter for protection.

I have been using this for a week now and I must say I am really impressed! =D This is probably the cheapest cream I own but I am so so in love with it. It hydrates my skin without being greasy and leaves my skin oh so smooth. I have also noticed a change in my skin texture, it has become much smoother and even. thumbs up! Its non-greasy so its perfect for summer and at £3,88 it really is a steal =)



  1. ooh thanks for the review!
    I have the Garnier Aqua Defense cream and I like it a lot!

  2. thanks thanks for this review i will DEFF try it out :)

  3. thanks for the review I guess I will be giving this product a try.

  4. OMG fanks >< i need to get one quick before ppl start ripping it out of the magazine like the benefits lipgloss last time -__-

  5. I tried this too except I have oily skin and even though the package says it works on oily skin, I've been getting break outs here and there. I used it in early spring and I have to agree, it did moisturize my face very well :]
    try mixing it with foundation/concealer for your eyes :]

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