6 June 2009

Loreal Studio Secrets

Loreal Studio Secrets

This week Linda Evangelista launches a new range of backstage essentials for Loreal. It is already up on the boots website and I must say I am really tempted by it. The packaging somewhat reminds me of make up forevers HD primers range which is nice, and the lip lacquers sounds rather attractive.

The Range includes:
Anti-Shine Mattifying primer
Smoothing Resurfacing Primer
Anti-Dull skin primer- medium skin
Anti Dull skin primer - light skin
Anti Redness primer
HD smoothing foundation
Eye Intensifier Eyeshadows
HD Lipliners
Ultra glossy lip lacquer
HD eyeliners

All info is available at boots.com

Have any of you tried this? if so what do you think of it?



  1. yea i do agree that they look like make up for ever's product lol
    seems like there are quite a few types of primer, i might get it
    when do they come out at the shops?

  2. I wonder if they were comparable to MUFE primer? If they were dupe, it will be nice. ;)

  3. Oh I'm excited to try these

  4. wow it does look like Make up forevers hd primers!

  5. Oo I think I'm going to try one of the primers :)

  6. before reading I thought MUFE released more stuff lol

  7. It'd be great if they came out with HIP in the UK!!!

  8. look (and sounds!) so much like MUFE! I wonder when this range will come to australis... thanks for the info!

  9. Ahh I tried the green primer...to be honest it's no good...it felt really yucky on my skin!>///<
    But I haven't tried any other products from this line, maybe they´re better!^^


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