16 June 2009

Fun Day ^^

Today I met up with one of my lovelys who I haven't seen in ages! It was so nice to see her, We wandered around the vintage shops in Brick Lane then headed to Oxford St for more shop shop shop....  I know this post is rather random but anyways here is a few pictures from today! ^_^ I used the 'KATE' eyeshadow pallette summer got me =) 

Cam whoring at station =p

We like buses

STILL trying to perfect THAT pose, how do you do it guys? I haven't a clue =_=

Fun Times

Hope you all had a funfilled day ^_^


  1. You both look really pretty :D. I bag is really cute too.


  2. Hi~ you two look so pretty!! your hair is gorgeous! :D

  3. Hey Suzi,dun worry,u look perfect in your pose! seems like you girls had a fun day..*envy envy*.

  4. I like ur bag. Where did u get it from? Its gorgeous

  5. such a cute pic of you and your friend!!

    i love your eyes, your hair and ur bag! lol.. stay gorgeouss! =]

  6. Aw you two are both so cute and glamorous! :D

  7. both of you are so adorable! i also love your bag with the chain details!

  8. i love your blog! where did you get your hair colored??! its so posh!

  9. i think i requested your eyebrow tutorial! :D
    thanksss! <3

    you're veryyy cuteee!

  10. thank you so much ladies! the bag is from Zara and was £60, I get my hair colour myself and yay glad i did someones request =) ^_*


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