14 June 2009


If u watched my hair routine vid you would of realised i dyed my hair last night! yay. I actually thought this colour was abit dark to begin with but after stepping out into daylight today I came to realise I actually LOVE IT! Its abit more natural and it has a cool undertone to it. My old colour was gettin abit too golden and the camera made my old hair look rather orange. I think this colour flatters me abit more maybe?? ^_^ 

Mac studio finish concealer
Revlon colourstay foundation 
Mac loose blot powder
Laura Mercier secret brightening powder
Mac sculpting powder in sculpt
Mac pink swoon blush

Mac Gesso
Mac Amber lights
Mac Crystal avalanche
Loreal carbon gloss liquid liner
Urban Decay eyeliner zero
NYC falsies

Vaseline Aloe Vera

I also got my package today and it felt like chrsitmas! ^_* Iv been waiting for this for so long. Its from sasa.com. I am a BIG BIG fan of whitening skincare and Olay have brought out a line in Asia named 'White Radiance'. I SWEAR by the olsay whitening salon mask so I just had to order the whole works! Cant wait to try these out. 

People normally think 'whitening'  skincare will turn them sheet white but that is not the case! Its will actually just brighten up your complexion and help those with uneven pigmentation like me! I also apply this to my neck as my neck tends to be noticably darker then my face =_=


OLAY Purifying cleansing foam x2
OLAY Crystal clear lotion
OLAY restoring cream
OLAY eye cream
Maybelline ANGELFIT foundation (Asian Line) 
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (mine is getting old and needs a replacement!)
Koji spring heart eyeliner
Dariya Hair holding sheets
Lady facial shaver
Beauty cotton pads 

Hope your all having a great day, I am soooo tired from moving house today. Zzzzzz <3



  1. Your new hair color is gorgeous!
    I had also ordered the Mabeline foundation from SASA, I can't wait to try it.
    I recommend the Pearl Masks from Silk Whitia, a wonderful whitening mask I think!
    Don't you love those pink hair stickies??? They're the best! lol

    Have a nice weekend

  2. hey the olay stuff looks awesome, i'm so curious to try them! ..if you can please update on how it goes!

  3. OHHH! olay stuff from asia! I'm curious! I want to buy those hair holder things. And your hair color is very nice!!! Great makeup, too!

  4. lovely hair color and it looks more natural :)
    which hair colorant did you use for this?
    ohh and be abit careful with the angel fit foundation..i tried it and it broke me out a little :(

  5. you look like a doll! such flawless skin.

  6. great haul =D could you please do a review on the angelfit once you've got the chance to use it? im quite curious about that since i was going to pick it up when i was in Taiwan but skipped it unfortunately >_<

  7. hello i love your hair color i wanna try this one can you tell me the exact name color? im living here in japan. wanna tell to my stylist the color do you use. can you put circle lens i think it suits you to have a dolly face :) amorphis629@yahoo.com mail me

  8. ohh I think I need to try this new olay stuff, was it very expensive?

  9. I will definitely try out the Olay. :D

  10. im lovin this hair colour alot better babe!

    alot more natural!!

    ur hair is amazing and im jeluss:( lol

    and i dnt get jeluss very often!! but ur hair is to die for!

  11. your har colour looks much more natural now :)

  12. Hello i love your blog ♥
    i have started following recently (=^ω^=)
    i watched a video of you on your youtube channel
    about "Hair Dye Tips and Hair Colour".
    Im thinking of redying my hair and im interested in Goldwell hair dye , the one you use.
    I have a question ...how many boxes of the Goldwell dye do you buy for your length of hair?
    Mines is about the same length.
    and do you just mix it with the 12% creme peroxide in a container and apply to your hair?

    Your reply will be very helpful to me.

    Your entries are so interesting !
    Keep Posting ~ !

    btw, you look very gyaru ^w~


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