29 May 2009

Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

Hey lovelies, I know Im supposed to be blogging this in the mornings but I just haven't had time until now, If you know me well you'd know that I am always running late... =p Today I just went shopping so I opted for a casual yet smart looking ensemble and stuck with a cool/neutral color palette =)

so here is my face(please mind the squint in one eye =p)

Me trying to perfect the pose, I still can't master it YET

Jacket : Topshop
Vest : H&M
Pants: Zara
Shoes : Topshop
Scarf: cant remember oops =p
Bag : Vivienne Westwood

Ciao for now lovelies, I uploaded a new vid today so be sure to check it out, until next time, Keep smiling =)


  1. super cute!!! love the scarf!!

  2. You skin is so beautiful!
    Wonderful videos!! =)
    Looks like a good outfit for NY.

  3. your outfit is casual but stylish and cute! i likes it.

  4. OMG the Vivienne Westwood bag is super cute!♥

  5. I love the look- the scarf is really pretty!
    Im jelous of your hair too! Its so long!

  6. <3 vivienne westwood!

    how much did tht set u bak?

  7. Thank you girlys! =)

    @Rubey £300 from Libertys

  8. I take my hat off (if I was wearing one ;p ) to you, for wearing a jacket in this sunny weather Suzi! :)

  9. hehe its a linen jacket so its light and airy and I was in a shopping mall so not too hot haha =p

  10. Love your VW bag soo much


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