19 May 2009

Mac Pallette

This is my first MAC palette I filled up, I still need to depot some and empty my quads out so another palette is needed at the macpro tomo =) why didn't I use these before? =/

This is my neutral/smokey palette

p.s I am selling off my empty quads cheaply as I want to get rid of them, drop me a line at suzit86@hotmail.co.uk if you are interested.. 


  1. ahh i cnt wait to purchase mine on saturday probz buy 2 for now :)

    did u get my comment about those peachy carvella shoes...now 85 pounds in kurt geiger house of fraser seen them 2dai at work :D

  2. nah babe didnt get any of ur msg;s =( was it on youtube? youtube is being gay to me lately..
    oh yeh ur coming down on sat babe, who you coming down with? u coming to see ur lover? xxx

  3. nah i left it on ur pervious post about the shoesies and bag!! (old post)

    but yess... coming to visit the bf!...aint seen him in 2 weeks :(! long distance sucks!!! lol

    im plannin on doin a massive mac pro haul :D so excited hun!:D


  4. Can you list the colors on your palette?
    I'm just wondering if I have them all? ;P


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