7 May 2009

Loving and Hating 01


MAC MSF Perfect Topping !!
Revlon Matte Nude Attitude 
Revlon Lipgloss Toast to Shine
Benefit California Kissin
CCO in the UK =)


MAC Microfine Refinisher, Doesn't work as well as my Origins
Streaking Nail Polish (Ahem Bourjois 1 Sec Polish)
Make-Up sponges that smell like rubber (latex free please)
Being ill all the time
Gloom Weather in the UK


Control My Spending, esp on make up!
Concentrate on Uni Work until its  over on the 15th! whoo!
Loose 6lbs in this May month
Make a new YouTube Vid soon =D



  1. i am yet to buy the revlon matte lipsticks. i heard heaps of good stuff about it :)

  2. i <3 nude attitude as well!! just wish it was a bit less drying then it would be perfect!

  3. hope u'll feel better soon hun ^^

  4. where is CCO hun? can you purchase things online? been searching around but i didnt found anything :(

  5. There normally located in Designer Outlets hun. I know York and Bicester Village(Oxford) has them but there called cosmetic company store over here. I don't think you can order online.. Im not sure =/
    and thanks hun, I hope I get well soon! Need to update my vids lol =p

  6. cant find tht nude attitude lipstick anywhere:( grr!!


  7. @ Jammin - I found mine in a larger boots coz the normal ones haven't got them in yet. Look for the ones in like retail parks etc x

  8. I love Revlon lipgloss <3

  9. Hi Suzi, I am intrigue and interesting on Revlon Matte Nude and Toast to shine lipgloss.I heard a lot of good reviews on these products & one of these days I will peruse the nearest store:)

    I like your post about AIMS. I am trying to control myself for spending too much and sometimes buying non sense things. And I'm trying to loose weight as well. Goodluck to us girlfriend !


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