23 May 2009


As you may all know Im currently a fashion student and is on a summer placement currently at Neurotica.

If you've never checked out there clothing I suggest you do! There amazing, all hand printed in London, they use some of the most beautiful prints. There colour pallettes are so nice and there currently available online, in Topshop and on various of other online shops. The quality is amazing and so comfy to wear. I was a fan even before I worked for them and now seeing so much that go's into each design is unbelievable. The team behind the brand is probably the most nicest people you could work with..  

Ily modelling one of there pieces..=)

If you ever decide to order something please refer back to me and where you first heard of the brand =) 



  1. I checked out the e boutique. I love the black spider web eclipsed dress! I may have to buy it!

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  3. whoops! accidently removed my own comment. but i had mentioned that your job sounds like fun!


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