21 May 2009

Barry M Event

Sorry I haven't posted this sooner, Im still trying to recover from the day, still sleepy! ^^

I was lucky to be invited along with other great bloggers/youtubers to this event. It didnt get off to a good start, I woke up late!! It means I didnt have time to do ANYTHING to my hair, not even time to blow dry! Panic attack!

So to put it into words, the event was amazing.Not only because what was on for us but because I got to meet so many lovely people, it was a surreal moment where I would recognaise a face but couldn't put a name to them, this was helped with our sticky name labels we got =) I was so nervous and shy at first but everyone was so sweet =)
Food and cocktails were laid out and the cupcakes looked far too good to eat! =p

So it kicked of with a performance and Barry M giving his speech about the development on Barry M and where it all started. Then came in the make up competition where Sam (Pixiwoo) won. Barry M also unveiled the TV ad that will be appearing on our tv screens for the next month or so! The Robots from the mighty boosh was there but tbh i have never heard of them. We all chatted and left with a goody bag with a generous amount of make-up! Some of us then wondered to MAC in Covent Garden where damage was done. Selfridges was the next stop but I decided to leave to ensure i miss the London rush hour, I was exhausted and being squashed on the tube was the last thing I needed ^^

Group Photo thanks to Ling!
With Mr Barry M and some lovely girlys
Make Up Competition

Gemma and Holly

Pixiwoo and I

Barry M Goodi bag that was worth around £100!
It had to be done =p

Mini Mac Haul
Gesso e/s
All Thats Glitters e/s 
Pink Swoon blush

It was such a lovely day and I got to meet some of the most sweetest people. I didn't get to talk to everyone because people had to catch coach/trains home but Im sure there will be a next time =) 



  1. wowww i love the goodie bag goodiesss!! *droOOllsss hahah! looks like you had a lovellyyy day!!

  2. oh how nice!!! sooo lucky!!!

  3. nice! I wish we had these events here!

  4. Was such a fab day and so lovely to meet you!! I'm so glad i didn't go into Mac afterwards, i would have done some serious damage. :) xxxx

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  5. Hiii
    it was so lovely to meet you!
    hope you had an amazing dayy!
    if it's not too much trouble could you email me a copy of our pic with barry m,mine didn't come out too good :( and i cant get yours to enlarge so i can save it off here,i dunno why!
    its dollyisglitter@gmail.com
    Thank you soo much

  6. Pretty Please could you email it to me aswell zo-zo-@hotmail.co.uk

    Thankyou so much :) xxx

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  7. wowww!!! i wish i lived there!! how much fun!!! great goodie bag!

  8. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun!! That's really cool that you got to meet Barry M!! Awesome!! =)

  9. yay it was an awesome day and everyone I met was loverlyyyyyy =D

    zoella & glitter - ya np, il email them in a sec =) x

  10. So jealous! You didn't have time to do your hair and it looked like that!? If I didn't have time to do my hair I would just look crazy :)


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