26 May 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend Looks

Here is a few pics t show what looks I went for over the bank hol weekend, I took most of yours advice and went for curly hair on my night out but it was so hot in there they dropped a fair bit! This is me and one of my besties and I went for my usual smokey eye/pink lips combo =)

So with 3 hours of sleep and super aching I woke up to go to London Excel for an animation exhibition. Here I am with a Jack Sparrow imposter and may I say I look pretty rough! eyebags and all! not a good look lol. A combo of lazy Tempting on the eyes and coral on the lips.. 

Me and ghostbusters / Im not a fan of all of this but its pretty intersting to see how much effort people put into their outfits/costumes! =p



  1. Gorgeous hair! What did you use to curl it? I really want big, loose waves like that but can never find a barrel big enough. xx

  2. OMG!! jack sparrow!!!!! although I still think that nobody could beat the original <3
    looking good girl :D

  3. oohh these cons are fun! I just recently went to one too :)

  4. Eee ~ Anime expo. x3
    I saw Jack sparrow as weeell
    I was working there. @___@

  5. cute pics! love your hairrr!

  6. gorgeous hair! love the glowy cheeks too


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