30 May 2009

Bad Habits/Skin Suffering

Our skin is constantly under attack, here is a few bad habits we need to be aware of which can stop us from having healthy, glowing skin

Caffeine is found in tea, coffee, chocolate, cola... Not only is caffeine bad for the skin if consumed in high amounts but it can also lead to high blood pressure, irregular breathing and digestive problems, these factors will then determine how we look and feel on the inside and out. I suggest not cutting them out completely but cutting down, we all love a coffee to pick us up but if you drink more then 4 cups a day then cutting down is a must for not only your skin but also for your health.

Im sure we all know that smoking is bad for our skin, smoking plays havoc with skin. It doubles the rate of premature ageing and can cause serious health problems. 

Everyday we are surrounded with factors that can cause us to loose essential moisture from our skin. Airconditioning, central heating, sun, pollution.. the list goes on. It is essential that we keep the atmospheric moisture levels up. 
-Place a cup/bowl of water near radiators
-Sunscreen is a must 
-Protect your delicate eyes with sunglasses when possible
-Use a night cream to let our skin soak in rich moisture whilst it rests at night
-Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins

Red wine is reputed to benefit the heart due to its antioxidant properties, but excessive consumption of alcohol is bad news for your health. Have you ever been oh so thirsty after a night out? Alcohol can really dehydrate the body which causes premature ageing. I suggest limiting your intake. 

As they say, You are what you eat. 



  1. Coffee is A MUST for me when it comes to exam/ assignment dead line time =.=

    Anyway, very informative, thank you dear ^^

  2. Noooo not caffeine!! hehe thanks for the tips!

  3. sigh. i do everything bad to my skin :(

  4. I think, the worst of these must be somoking. It clearly destroys our skin cells...

  5. Thanks for the information and tips. I will try putting them to use! =]

  6. great posttt; very informative

  7. yup, the pimple on my chin is form all the junk I've been eating lately! oops!

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