17 April 2009

Hot rollers and a package =)

This morning i was greeted with a surprise from the postman

My brushes from crownbrushes had arrived, wow, i only ordered the package a day ago! 
I got a few Italian Badger brushes and a mini smudger brush =)

I also took my rollers back today and changed them for these =D

Im a girl who loves volume in my hair and these rollers sure don't dissapoint, love love love them =p



  1. Awww I love your hair in the last pic!♥

  2. omg im love with your hair!!
    their website(crownbrushes)is a bit like coastalscents in America isn it?
    but we need to pay more here thats so not fair! xx

  3. @ Jennifer
    thank you huni, yeh i think they are pretty much the same! it works out around the same hun because coastel scents delivery service is expensive =p

  4. Amazing hair!These rollers seem bigger and definitely work!

  5. @ Marietta
    Yup, they also come in 3 sizes. large, medium and small but i only used the medium and large.. i think the small ones whould give too tight a curl =/

  6. ooooh, wow, those rollers worked amazingly! your hair looks so pretty!


  7. I LOVE THOSE ROLLS!!Is it easy to use? where did u get it?
    how do u think about those brushes?
    sorry 4 so many questions:P

  8. Thanks ladies for all the lovely comments.. really appreciate it =)

    @ Anita - I thought they were easy to use and heated fairly quick. I got them from Superdrug.. they also sell them in Boots for the same price of £29.90 but i got 10% student discount in Superdrug =p
    The brushes are good to use, but they do have a toxic smell even after i have washed them, lets hope the smell goes away with a few more washes =(

  9. The rollers look amazing! Hmm one to check out :) x


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