16 April 2009

Revlon eyelashes and a REGRET!

So yesterday i had a little catch up with my friend that iv known for 17 yrs? We did lunch, catch up on gossip and wandered around all afternoon doing what girls do best... SHOP!

I was looking forward to seeing the girls aloud falsies in person but to be honest.. I think i was dissapointed? 

I tend to go for full and voluminous lashes but these were a little bit too sparse  for my liking. I also realised they tend to point outwards which i am not a big fan of =/ 

But anyways i was determind to get some falsies (even thou i have a full draw of them already, but hey =p ) I then came across Revlons falsies that were on offer and these baby's caught my eye. These are my type of lashes, short-medium length, full and fluttery =D

Buy one get one half price in Boots. They retail for something around £5 something? 

91003 Flirty

A good alternative place to buy eyelashes is Screenface in Covent Garden, London. They sell all sorts of make up and tools for theatre and shows, they have an amazing selection of eyelashes...  =)

*Now comes my regret purchase of the day*

Nicky Clarke Compact Rollers, Boots, £17.61

I initially was planning to buy the Babybliss Ceramic Rollers but they were out of stock =( so miss little desperado for hot rollers picked up these instead, IM TAKING THEM BACK! 

I got home with excitement and couldn't wait to try these out.. 

I plugged them in to see the red light indicator on, the instructions say the light will become white when they are ready to use so i waited.... waited.... waited.... and WAITED! 20 mins later the light was still red! so i thought sod it and started  putting them in my hair
6 rollers in my hair i then realised you had to now plug in the other six  rollers to heat them up! so with 6 rollers in my hair i then waited for the other 6 to heat up, I waited.. and waited. 

The whole process took forever and the 12 rollers were not enough for my long hair! grrr...

The results were so so, nothing amazing. Something i could achieve with a pair of hair curlers or a flat iron. I know they are compact rollers but tbh i wouldn't even use them if i was travelling!
Im exchanging them for the Babybliss ones in a diffrent branch because i have heard great things about them. Lets hope they don't dissapoint!



  1. its fine coz im taking them back! =p

  2. r u talking about this roller set from babyliss?
    if so maybe u can oder from this site or go to the store


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I dont really like there false eyelashes range either =/


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