18 April 2009

OOPS - I made a mistake....

Hey guys so this is my 2nd post today? can u tell that i am bored? LOL 
I have stayed in all day today saving my pennys for westfield tomo =)

My mistake is that.... 

The crownbrushes STINK
now i did not notice this until i was using them to play on my boyfriends face and he said... what the hell is that smell??! i was like what smell? so i  took a sniff.. almost TOO close.. i felt intoxicated! so i went to wash them and the smell didn't go! dissapointment =(
I think i am sticking to my MAC brushes from now on...


  1. :( poor u hun!!! i think you should try coastal scent brushes, i dont find they have any annoying smell at all. But I do think that we should stick to Mac for facial brushes, only ditch when it comes to eye brushes..

    Only if you know what i mean @_@. sorry hun if my eng is bad :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I was trying pick few brushes from crownbrushes
    after see ur post. but now....
    i am going to stick to MAC toooo :p

  4. @ ashlee.trinh
    hehe i get what u mean, coastel scents brushes are the same as crownbrushes, coastel scents just resells them..

    @ Anita
    Iv washed them twice and used my MAC brush cleanser on them and the smell has gone! =) hope i helped


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