21 April 2009

Im joining! Parcel and a Thank You!

I have realised that i have bought FAR TOO MUCH make up this month. I have several parcels on the way from U.S Japan and Korea and a MAC order! 

So I have decided to join Laura (Lollipop26)  on her 'Project Ten Pan'...

Wish me luck guys, I will se how long i last =p

I was also greeted with another parcel this morning... it was from Yuki! she is so sweet and also threw in some rhinestones as a present =)

I am a big lover of Hime and ordered some deco stuff. The pearls were actually bigger than i thought so i just ordered some more! Another week until i can deco my things =D

love love love Hime ^^

*I would also like to say Thank You to those who follow me and to those who read my blog! A BIG THANK YOU!* ^_^



  1. Heyy just discovered your blog do thought I'd say hi! :) x

  2. thanks for following my bloggie! ur too cute!!!

  3. thanks for following love ur style

  4. WOW! pretty!
    where'd you get alll these pretty decos?!

  5. I just came across your blog and I love it! You r so pretty!
    Thanks for posting the video, it's so cute n' interesting. I adore hime, really kawaii.


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