10 April 2009

I <3 Barry M

Superdrug - Offer - Barry M ? another urge to pick up some of my favourite little round pots

93 Block Blue - 25 Rust - 98 Petrol Black

*Swatched on top of UDPP*


  1. i always think that those eyeshadows will get into my eyes very easily! haha

  2. Spray your make up brush with fix+ 1st, it will make the shadow stick to your brush or applicator and use pressing motions instead of sweeping =)

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  4. look so so so nice, were they expensive ?

    oh, and about what Jennifer says - cause i have the same type in by box - and also you Suzi when i use them without fixer it gives such a lovely soft effect however they foll off a bit ......
    but some i use as a highlighter :3


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