18 April 2009

Greatest Love Story ^^

My fave love movie ever EVER, i recommend this to everyone and girls, wipe ur make up off before you watch it, its a real tear jerker! I can cry just watching the trailer alone! I watched this at home and gosh i am so lucky i didn't watch it in the movie theatre. I would of walked out with all my mascara running down my face and all =/ 

After watching this  i always think..

wouldn't it be nice if things like this happen in real life..... ^^

If you live in the UK then it is on Film4 tonight at 9pm, 

Have you seen this movie before and what do you think of it? 



  1. I LOVE THIS MOVIE TOO!! it's so sad and yet you can feel happy for them. I love this couple! so glad they are still in love! (in real life) love ryan gosling!

  2. i love this movie too =)


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