9 April 2009

E.L.F Offer

ELF are having a easter offer on there uk website. The offer is save £5 if you spend £15 or more...(excluding shipping)

I have been tempted to buy some elf products, I have seen so many comments on how good it is for the price.. but im still not totally persuaded. 

Dont get me wrong guys, I love high end and drugstore brands but can ELF be really any good for THAT cheap? What do you think guys? have you tried ELF before? 

Should i go ahead and order some? what products shall i order or is it worth saving my money for one MAC msf? 



  1. I've got some ELF products. You should try their pen eyeliner. It's great. And also their eye shadow and blending brushes are quite good.

  2. ah thanks tiff.. I just read your blog and u ordered 10 make up brushes?! haha you crazygirl =p i shall be ordering some tomo when i decide what i want =) *hugs*

  3. Oh Ive got some. And I have to say that I love their eye shadow brushes :D. I think I would highly recommend it to you. I dont really like the eyeshadow and the all over colour stick ( this one just not so pretty on my face but it could work on you! who knows? ).. i think it really worth a try :D. Gud luk hun!!

  4. Oh btw, can you do a entry or video on how did you get your hair colour plz? it's so pretty! Thank you hun ^^

    (I like your music taste :x)

    Have a lovely day dear!

  5. some of the elf products are great and others not so much :T but they are so cheap bc they don't spend much on their packaging.
    i would recommend the stuff from their studio line ($3 USD each). the brushes are very soft (love the complexion and powder brushes) and their contouring bronzer/blush is very similar to nars. some of their $1 brushes are pretty good too!and like someone else said, their waterproof eyeliner pen is not too bad(make sure you cap it tho or it dries up fast). their lip stuff i don't like though :T

  6. @ ashlee and terr*e - Thanks a bunch guys! really appreciated u taking time to comment, I will be ordering some stuff tonight or tomo before the offer ends =)
    Ashlee, sure. Iv had a quite a few questions on it so i will probably make a brief video entry... today maybe? =)



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