30 April 2009

Benefit Freebies

So tonight i got on the fricking wrong train and ended up in some place where i feared for my life. Groups of gangs to greet me as i get of the train.. how nice... =/

I got back to my bf's place and he told me i had two parcels, one was from Yuki again and the other was from one of my best girlfriends Lucy! we've known each other for around 3 years now and prob don't get to see enough of each other but when we do get together, we get on like a house on fire. She was my best friend at uni until she bloody left me! =)

She had sent me some products to try out from where she works... BENEFIT

OH MY I was gobsmacked at the amount of stuff she sent me! I was maybe expecting one or two products/samples but I was so overwhelmed! Lucy spoiled me! =)

Honey Snap out of it Face Cleanser
That Girl Primer
The gloss lipgloss
Get Even Blot Powder
California Kissin
Lying Eyes Concealer
Benetint Lipbalm
Just In Case Kit (california kissin/eyecon/benetint/fake it foundation)

I sure am gonna test these out and do a review on them =) BIG BIG THANK YOU to my girl x

On another note... My 'fashion glasses'. I like to call them these because I actually don't need glasses! Are u feeling them? yes? no? lol 



  1. it's cute and dorky!!! very fun to wear and they look good on you!!!

    geez girl!!! Yuki and Lucy should be my best friends too!! JK you're uber lucky you have friends who knows what you like!!! =D

  2. Yuki is a seller who sells Hime style pearls, diamantes etc =p so i paid for them! lol
    and for Lucy, yup shes great. she knows what i like because we have alot in common, she is also a make-up addict lol

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  4. oh i see haha whoops!! i want to see Yuki's on line store or her blog. do you mind giving me the link?

  5. Wow lucky!!! I like a lot of Benefit products but sometimes it makes me mad that the sales people push products on you :-/

  6. http://fullmoon07xxx.ocnk.net/product-list/18 =) xx

  7. too kute ^^ and lucky u ^^ where did u get that glasses hun>

  8. wow so many benefit goodies! the glasses are cute :)

  9. cutie :) hmm I wish I could use the "That Girl Primer" too ..but it just makes myface super oily and shiny...sigh

  10. Aww glad you're ok; gangs are freaky, aren't they =P

    And my best friend wears 'fashion glasses' too!! haha!!

  11. haha lovin the pic babigirl! so cute!!

    chek out those freebies! lucky coww!:P


  12. The glasses look very cute on you! I blogged about my pair to! I love them ^^

  13. haha you're cute in your fashion glasses!

  14. Damn that's a lot of Benefit goodness! Lucky you :-P :).

  15. wow whee! best friend are god's gift eh **
    you one lucky devil..look at the benefits loot!!
    drooling keke
    my sis is a big fan of benefits kkakaka

    uuh wwaaa i too have the cuteee "JustinCase"..i luv their unique and humorous way of naming their products!! am a tad clumsy with the benetint on cheeks...and the red dye stuck on my FINGERSS! aghh

    kawaii & playful with the fashion glasses!
    you are experimental indeed

  16. haha, i'm feelin those glasses!
    I have similar ones, and I'm so addicted to wearing them. please check my blog if you have time, though it's not extremely spectacular because I only started a couple of months ago.

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