26 April 2017

Proactiv Three Step - Treat and Fight Blemishes

I often scroll through my Instagram feed and find myself muttering to myself, if only my skin was that flawless. I, just like everyone else have insecurities and for me, my skin is one of those. Over the years I’ve gone from combination skin to sensitive skin and due to my bad diet, lack of sleep, hormones and generally not looking after my health, I have more breakouts than I did in my teens - crazy I know. I may not have severe acne, but my breakouts are enough to make me feel insecure and extremely conscious of my make-up free self. If you’ve watched my makeup videos, you’ll have realized I use full coverage foundations – and this is the reason why. Without cover, all I see is blemishes, spots, scarring and large clogged pores - my confidence literally plummets. I’m desperate to get out of this mental phase and to be happy with my skin – without cover.
What I was missing in my skincare regime was some acne/pore controlling products. Every time I had a breakout, I never treated it, I carried on using my usual skincare hoping it will just go away – but the breakouts would always come back, weekly or fortnightly at the least. I never prevented it either which is my mistake. I sort of just let it happen - let my reflection eat my confidence away.
Last month I decided to try some new skincare, to once and for all, control my skin. I had heard so much about Proactiv and was really curious about their products. I started by using the three-step system, which helps fights breakouts and prevent new ones from forming. They all contain salicylic acid that is a key ingredient for fighting spots. It’s an ingredient I always look for in spot fighting skincare.

6 April 2017

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

After Youtube, Instagram is my next favourite social media platform. Whilst I only follow around 20 accounts on Youtube, On Instagram I follow over a thousand. It's quick, inspiring and allows me to keep up to date with trends. I like my feed to reflect my personal style so it's pretty monochromatic. I also like my images to look a certain style and to be honest, I LOVE editing the images to suit my feed - just as much as I love composing an image. Below is an example of before and after - there's clearly a big difference. The finished image looks brighter, more polished and generally more professional. You don't need a fancy camera either, most of my images are taken on my iPhone 7 plus. All it takes is a few apps. 


27 February 2017

Mansur Gavrial Mini Bucket Bag

A couple of weeks ago I sold a few old bags on my Depop. I told myself I have too many bags and I definitely don't need anymore. BUT I came across this on Net-A-Porter and guess what it said? BACK IN STOCK! I clicked add to basket, checked out and the next day it was mine. I mean, I sold some old bags so this I can justify. I opted for the red and black combo, classic and very me. I'm still to take her out for a spin but I already know this will be my go-to bag. If you're interested in seeing what else I bought, check out my haul below.


10 February 2017

Korean Beauty | JAMSU - Ice Water Technique

Not gonna lie, I was skeptical whether it would work or not. But the results are surprising! Want long lasting flawless makeup? Have a look for yourself.


29 January 2017


Dubbed the worlds most beautiful highlighter? This baby is going viral. But what do I really think of it and how does it perform? Watch my video below to see a full first impression. 

27 January 2017

Get Ready With Me - Bedtime Edition AD

My favourite part of my day, getting ready for bed. I used to do a lot before bed (an hour routine) but these days, I just don't have the time. My bedtime routine usually starts around 9pm and by 9:30pm I am sat on the sofa - reflecting and taking in the peace and quiet. Here's the low-down.

First things first, I always take off my makeup. I usually use an eye makeup remover then go in with a wipe. I have to admit, even though I love wearing makeup, most times my skin feels suffocated and taking it off is a little pleasure I look forward to each day. I then use oil or a balm and go in with a second cleanse afterwards. I know you all feel me girls, it's the same feeling as taking a bra off - It's liberating.
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